"You live in the shadow and every time you get a great job, people say you probably got that because of your brother!

He didn't, he got it because of his talent."


Frank Stallone has remained one of the most versatile talents in Hollywood for over four decades. His music career has earned him three Platinum Albums, ten Gold Albums, five Gold Singles and seen him top the charts worldwide.

His movie soundtracks have audiences across the globe gripped to some of the most iconic movies; including The Expendables 2, Rocky I, II and III, Rambo II, Paradise Alley, Over the Top and the Saturday Night Fever sequel Staying Alive, which earned him Golden Globe and Grammy Nominations.

All the while Frank’s on-screen career has seen him act in over 77 films and TV shows, including Tombstone and the cult hit Barfly. So why does Frank remain one of the least known famous faces in Hollywood? Find out as we go behind the scenes of Hollywood's elite, in this fascinating documentary, told by Frank himself and those that know him best.


Derek Wayne Johnson is an award-winning director, writer, producer and editor. In his senior year of film school at Stephen F. Austin State University, Johnson wrote and directed his first feature film, "Within Us." After college he broke into the movie business in Texas and Louisiana by directing independent feature films such as “Broken Blood” and “Scrape.”
Johnson directed and produced “John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs”, a documentary about Academy Award-winning director John G. Avildsen, whose credits include “Rocky” and “The Karate Kid.” The film features interviews with Sylvester Stallone, Ralph Macchio, Martin Scorsese, Burt Reynolds, Talia Shire and many more. 

Sylvester Stallone handpicked Johnson to direct and produce “40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic” (aka "Becoming Rocky: The Birth of a Classic"), a documentary featuring Stallone narrating behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the original film. The film was acquired by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in North America and achieved critical acclaim.  

Johnson and his producing partner Chris May recently formed two production companies in Hollywood, CA; Cinema 83 Entertainment, which focuses on feature films, and Cinema 83 Documentary Films which focuses on documentaries.3 Entertainment, which focuses on feature films, and Cinema 83 Documentary Films which focuses on documentaries.

Again working with the Stallone family, Johnson has since directed “STALLONE: Frank, That Is”, a documentary about Grammy and Golden Globe nominated singer, musician and actor Frank Stallone, Sylvester’s younger brother. The film features interviews with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Geraldo Rivera, Joe Mantegna, John Oates, Richie Sambora, Duff McKagan and is due for release January 2021.



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